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* An e-file manicure is required for all nail enhancement services*

Nail Enhancements

  • Sculpted Nail Extensions (180 MINUTES)

    This service uses nail forms to create the perfect nail and shape for your hand. We can customize the length and shape you desire. No artificial tips are used in this service. Includes your choice of gel color.
  • Apres Gel-X Extension Set (120 MINUTES)

    Gel X is a non-toxic whole nail gel extension. These are made of 100% soft gel, applied with gel. These extensions wear from 3-8 weeks and are soaked off and re-applied every time, not filled like typical extensions. Very natural, light, thin and will help to make your nails healthy and allow them to grow. Durable. A GREAT replacement to acrylic.
  • French Art Extensions (180 Minutes)

    Nail art is embedded into a clear gel nail extension.